Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shannon Savick Campaign Generates Early Publicity

“When did it get to the point where one party has to win at all cost? We need to have legislators who are willing to work together. Compromise is not a bad word.”

That's the message that Shannon Savick offered visitors to the Faribault County Fair as she introduced herself as a candidate for the Minnesota House.

Savick has the blend of education, work experience, local government experience and common sense that should appeal to voters.

Savick campaign has already received some good publicity in the Faribault County Register and Mankato Free Press.

Reading those stories, one must wonder if Shannon Savick took to heart the OpEd piece that Bob Freyberg wrote in the Mankato Free Press during the shutdown. Mr. Freyberg makes some very good points ... especially the last paragraph ...
"as we approach the next election, please look beyond the image building done by the parties and search for the candidates’ principles, integrity and proven ability to get things done under tough circumstances. We can’t continue to lose millions of state dollars every day as personalities stand in the way of common sense and potential growth."

Yep, common sense ...
Savick was raised in Bricelyn, earned degrees in math and physics at Minnesota State University, then a master’s of business administration from Clark University in Massachusetts.

Twenty years of work experience with Digital Equipment Corporation taught her about manufacturing, negotiations, budgeting and the need to learn what’s most important to the customer.
As the Free Press story expressed : "she also knows what it takes to reach a deal — something that might appeal to voters following the 2011 legislative session.

Besides a successful worklife, Shannon Savick has served on the Wells City Council and as the Mayor of Wells.

Yep, that's what has been missing from the legislature ... not enough people who have worked at city council levels ... learning the art of advancing solutions through compromise.

Yes, that's how you learn to blend the interests of business leaders and community ... to make improvements.

Shannon Savick has expressed a passion that will be tough to beat ... as she has firmly outlined who she will represent in the legislature : “Any legislator who has chosen to protect millionaires and special interest groups in the state instead of children, elderly and disabled should be fired by the voters.”

It's great to have Shannon Savick offer herself as a candidate. The district lines will be re-drawn ... 24-B could become 21-B but early indications are that Good Thunder and Wells will be in the same district ... thus Tony Cornish (R-24-B) will have a serious challenger in 2012 ... and there are plenty of constituents ready for a change.

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Sounds like a good candidate...but again...I have to question the length of her experience. I fear it isn't enough....

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