Wednesday, March 09, 2011

MN-02 : Pity the Part-time Worker who only got a $1500 Bonus

Does anyone remember these words “The American people are tightening their belts and making tough decisions, and they expect the same of their elected leaders. It is time for Washington to get its priorities straight, put our fiscal house in order, … John Kline June 4, 2010

Well, maybe, Mr. Kline would not want you to know how he put his fiscal house in order … his Congressional staff.

For a little background, please read this.

Well, fast forward … the year is now over and the public is finally able to see how Mr. Kline has “rewarded” his staff …. when the year comes to an end, a Member of Congress has a choice, he can not spend his Member's Representational Allowance to the maximum or return unspent monies to the US Treasury.

In the past, it was not uncommon for Mr. Kline to award $2,000 to $3,000 bonuses … but this year with the focus on the expanding national debt and “overpaid” government workers, what would Mr. Kline do ?

Well …. Let’s look at some of his employees who have a little tenure.

$3000 bonus for his legislative correspondent.

A caseworker is awarded a $3500 bonus (up from $2500 the previous year).

$3500 bonus for his District Office Manager (previous year the bonus was $2000 and $1500 the year before)
… okay, it appears Mr. Kline is rewarding a slightly higher amount this year.

But what about a part-time employee ... she got a $1500 bonus (up from the previous year of $1000 which was up from the prior year's $700 bonus)
… work part time or full time, it appears that Mr. Kline is spending more.

But that’s not all of them.
A Constituent Services representative was awarded a $4,600 bonus plus a 7.4% wage increase.

His Legislative Director earned a $6700 bonus this year (up from $3000 the year before)

The District Director was awarded a $9000 bonus (up from $3000 the year before).

Mr. Kline's Communications Director was awarded a $10,200 bonus which was up from $3940 the previous year (plus a 5.9% increase in base wage.)

Being responsible for salaries on for a Congressional Committee also provides Mr. Kline with an opportunity to award bonuses. For example, his Senior Legislative Aide moved over to the House Education and Workforce Committee ... he got a $8,750 bonus .... while Mr. Kline District Staff shares an employee with the Committee ... she did not earn a bonus on Mr. Kline's Congressional Staff Budget, but the EWC gave her over $9000 .

Mr. Kline certainly can talk about belt tightening but when it comes to his staff, these government worker’s compensation just keeps growing … like the national debt that Mr. Kline has helped increase with his reckless operational spending.

When the Republicans cut this year’s MRA (by about $60,000), every TaxEnoughAlready advocate should be asking why isn’t it more … heck, Mr. Kline has awarded over $40,000 in bonuses to just these few employees.


dog gone said...

Oh, look - more Republican math!

More using their position to fork money over to their supporters, or in this case employees, by the bucketfull --------while cutting the spending elsewhere where there is genuine and dire need.

What a flipping hypocrite. More do as I say, not as I do.


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