Saturday, March 12, 2011

MN-02 : Kline’s Operating Expenses Increase over 10%

Across the nation, Americans have demanded Washington make tough choices and real sacrifices to get our budget in order and put our nation back on the path to long-term prosperity. The day of reckoning is here, and the time to demonstrate the leadership our country desperately needs is now.
--- John Kline (R-MN-02) March 9th, 2011

Big talk – and a familiar refrain – but Mr. Kline has failed to control the area that he has direct and complete authority for … his Congressional Office expenses.

Essentially, there are two main components of Mr. Kline’s budget … people and operating expenses.
If you have read this commentary, then you know that Mr. Kline was quite generous awarding employee bonuses.
But what about the other areas … some should be standard such as office rent and as such should be stable and somewhat difficult to affect. While others are in his total control, such as travel. How often he sends his staff traveling is entirely within his control (heck, many business promote teleconferencing to minimize travel). In that area, Mr. Kline did well … in 2009, he spent $75,801.69 and in 2010, he spent a slightly lower amount at $72,476.98. Essentially a wash.

OK, so much for the good news.

Not surprisingly, if you read this commentary on the MN Political Roundtable, you are aware that Mr. Kline has a spending problem with printing literature and Franked Mail.
For the year, Mr. Kline’s Franked Mail expense grew from $92,942.59 to $125,939.89 in 2010 --- a 35% increase. Heck, while Mr. Kline refused to participate in any live debates prior to Election Day, Mr. Kline sent out 65,742 pieces of Franked Mail during the last quarter at a TAXPAYER cost of $28,370.
Printing costs was also an “easy way to spend our TAXPAYER dollars”, as it increased over 16% from $36,481.32 to $42,542.28.

Was that worth it?
Mr. Kline won re-election quite easily … campaigning on a message of constraining government spending … yet, he cannot control his own wasteful spending.


For the record, Mr. Kline’s expenses were :
$ 92,942.59 - Franked Mail
$ 937,963.22 – Personnel Compensation
$ 75,801.69 – Travel
$ 77,702.53 – Rent / Communications / Utilities
$ 82,721.46 – Printing and Reproductions
$ 64,909.45 - Other Services
$ 42,542.28 – Supplies and Materials
$ 2,513.37 – Equipment

$ 125.939.89 - Franked Mail
$ 950,941.90 – Personnel Compensation
$ 72,476.98 – Travel
$ 92,725.13 – Rent / Communications / Utilities
$ 96,007.51 – Printing and Reproductions
$ 58,524.71 - Other Services
$ 36,481.32 – Supplies and Materials
$ 3,685.73 – Equipment

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dog gone said...

Which of these two cut spending screamers has spent more on their office budgets over the years, Kline, or Bachmann?

For awhile I thought Bachmann had the most expensive office, but it looks like Kline is giving her a run for the money........



resulting in neligble value to their respective constituents.

I think your writing is, consistently, among the best in the MN blogosphere, and among the very best researched.

Well done, applause from me!