Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MN-01 –vs— MN-02 : Walz and Kline Should Debate Civic Duty

From a Tim Walz press release :
“I’ve always believed that democracy functions best when people can make informed decisions about the candidates on the ballot,” said incumbent Congressman Tim Walz (MN-01 Democrat). “I think debates are critical to elections because they allow people to directly compare two candidates on the issues. I’m proud of the values I stand for and I believe my vision for the future of southern Minnesota stands in stark contrast to Dr. Davis’ view. I’m eager to ensure southern Minnesotans see the differences between us and I challenge Dr. Davis to join me at three debates.”

Talk about Country First, Walz is rejecting the power of incumbency and seeking an open discussion on the issues critical to our nation’s future. Somehow this smacks of Walz’s background that “civics" is not something taught in a classroom, but needs to be practiced in a democratic society.

From a Steve Sarvi press release :
EAGAN, Minn. – As of this afternoon, Rep. John Kline (R-Lakeville) still had not responded to the Goodhue County United Veterans Organization invitation to participate in a forum on veterans’ issues scheduled for next Monday, Sept. 29.
The Sarvi campaign confirmed Kline’s undetermined status in a phone call with the Goodhue County Veterans Service Office this afternoon. The invitation to the forum is dated July 23, meaning Kline’s office has had almost nine weeks to make a decision about his participation.
Sarvi will be participating regardless of Kline’s presence or absence. The forum is to be held at the Stary-Yerka VFW Post #5727, located at 25 1st Street East in downtown Zumbrota, Minn.
In response to the news about Kline’s undetermined status, Steve Sarvi had the following to say:
We’re creating new veterans every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. I challenge John Kline – who, like me, is a veteran himself – to defend his record and talk about how he plans to care for our veterans – if not at this event, then by working with my campaign to schedule a debate on veterans’ issues. We want to give the men and women who have fought for our country, and their families, a chance to decide who’s going to serve them.

The Second District deserves the same openness that Walz is offering the First District.

Kline’s performance needs to be thoroughly debated and he is doing a disservice by not participating in a debate concerning Veterans issues.
In February, while suicides among veterans were approaching all-time highs, John Kline participated in a hearing held by the Military Personnel Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee during which Rep. Kline suggested PTSD is a distraction.
While Kline has “questioned” problems, Walz has led the charge for addressing veterans’ issues.
These problems are not going away. Just today, it was reported that the government plans to substantially increase disability benefits for veterans with mild traumatic brain injuries, acknowledging for the first time that veterans suffering from this less severe version of the Iraq war's signature wound will struggle to make a living.

The Second District deserves the same commitment to Veterans that Walz is offering the First District.
Steve Sarvi will do that.

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