Monday, July 28, 2008

MN-01 : Brain Davis Hero gets Special Legislation – Vote 60

Why are Congress’ poll ratings at an all-time low ?

There are many reasons, but one most certainly is Gamesmanship.
The Republicans have used a number of procedural tactics to delay and stymie movement on legislation.
Representative Steve King (R-IA) has been particularily effective in the Judiciary Committee requiring roll call votes in committee meetings and denying other Members of Congress from questioning witnesses.
In fact, the House has been prone to many Roll Call votes when Voice Votes were customarily used … even having some Representatives change their votes in midstream just to delay things longer.
The goal of the Republicans may be to kill legislation---or delay it interminably --- not find a middle and bipartisan ground.
As Trent Lott (formerly Republican Majority Leader in the Senate) stated “The strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail.” Lott's point was that a minority party can push as far as it wants until the public blames them for the problem, and so far that has not happened.

It’s time the public, puts the blame where it belongs.

In the House, the Democrats with a slight majority have joined with moderate Republicans to pass many bills onto the Senate … but that is where they stop. The Senate has a number of procedural rules that Senators can use to halt progress. For example, since January 2007, Senator Tom (a.k.a. Dr. Death) Coburn has used his senatorial "hold" to block more than 80 pieces of legislation. Some of the bills, including a child pornography law that passed the House 409 to 0 in November, are so non-controversial that they would normally sail through on voice vote.

Now, the Senate is now moving forward legislation that would roll 35 bills into one omnibus package … all designed to get enough Republicans – and particularly Senator Coburn -- to break their obstructionists grip.
This is not good government … but unfortunately necessary when obstructionists can use rules and parliamentary tactics to impede progress.

For some, Coburn may be a roll model.
As The Mankato Free Press reported during its first interview with Republican First District candidate Dr. Brian Davis : “As a living political hero, he lists Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, a fellow physician who Davis said isn’t afraid to offend Republican colleagues when he thinks they are placing self interest over the interests of his constituents or the nation.”

Coburn … a hero ? Is this an indicator to what sort of tactics that Davis could use if elected?

Since Minnesota First asked about Davis stance on the issues, The Mankato Free Press article stated : “Davis, a fiscal and social conservative, emphasizes numerous issues that tend to be important to Republican activists: illegal immigration (he considers it very damaging to the middle class), abortion and gay marriage ( strongly opposed to both), stem- cell research (it can be done without embryonic stem cells), the estate tax (repeal it), the Bush tax cuts (make them permanent), the Iraq war (no hasty withdrawal) ...
That was October 25,2007.
That was the issues that he thought could garner votes, yet those are more controversial. But that’s his agenda.
Now, it’s OneIssueDavis … WMD … WantMoreDrilling.

So to the voters in Minnesota’s First District Republican Primary Election, please consider which candidate is bested suited for effective governance as you decide between State Senator Dick Day and OneIssueDavis.
Voters in November are starting to get an impression of Davis and it’s not good. From late tax payments to misinformed statements, Davis is showing that he is not prepared to represent the First District.

FYIThe VOTE 60 in the title of this commentary refers to my effort to promote the importance of the US Senate races in 2008. VOTE 60 will be the headline of future commentaries and you can read about it here.

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