Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Proof ! Educated Voters Pick Sarvi, Reject Kline

My previous commentary addressed the importance of educating voters on Congressman John Kline (R-MN-02) stance on the issues. Now the first voice is heard as The Independence Party issued an official endorsement.
“The Independence Party occasionally endorses a candidate from a different party when we do not have a candidate from our own party,” said Marian Brown, Second District chair. “To be cross-endorsed, the candidate must agree with at least 75 percent of our key issues and meet several other qualifications. We look forward to having Steve Sarvi represent us in Congress.” The party’s core values include preserving the democratic process, justice, social inclusiveness, fiscal responsibility and protecting the environment.

This is significant.

The Independence Party offers voters offer an alternative to the two main parties and has proven to the deciding factor in a number of elections. Electing Jesse Ventura as Governor was not the result of some Hollywood screen play. It certainly did not happen because the rank-and-file Independence Party membership, but instead because independent voters were given a third choice. Current Governor Tim Pawlenty never got a majority of the votes in his two elections, as Tim Penny and Peter Hutchinson provided independent voters someone to vote for that wasn’t a flawed DFL nominee or Pawlenty. In the 2006 election, voters knew Tim Pawlenty’s record and his margin of victory was less than 22,000 while Hutchinson garnered over 141,000 votes. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN-06) barely received a majority of votes (50.05%) as no doubt John Paul Binkowski had an impact in her 2006 election. This year, my current MN Senate projection is that Norm Coleman will garner 49% of the vote with The Independence Party’s Dean Barkley getting 6%.

Neither the MN-GOP nor DFL have enough party members to decide this election … it will be the Independent Voters that sway the election.

By the Independence Party endorsing another party's candidate instead of offering their own, they are telling voters that they have reviewed Kline’s Congressional voting record and Sarvi’s stance on the issues and see that the Second District would be better served with Sarvi.
That recognition is good news and something that the DCCC should take notice.
Minnesota has seen how effectively Congressman Tim Walz (D-MN-01) can work in bi-partisan basis while Kline has shown that he is in the minority of Republicans.
Minnesota needs strong leadership, not someone that stands alone in dissent.

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benazir said...

There's no place like home. Kansans resoundingly reject Phill Kline, again, and give a narrow victory to Pro-Choice Republican Lynn Jenkins over former far-right Congress man Jim Ryun.

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