Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Top Issue in MN First District : Immigration ? ? ?

They’re at it again !

The Star-Tribune continues to lead its online Politically Connected section with Mark Brunswick’s article Illegal immigration emerges as key issue in First District race : At the behest of an advocacy group, Republican candidate Dick Day went to the U.S.-Mexican border, and others may follow.

Let’s address the Star-Tribune first and then the immigration issue.

As an online media source, readers want to read current news. I believe this story was first released on November 28 … yet here it is at the top of the page as with notation that it was updated on December 4th. So what was the update?

Bluestem Prairie has done some amazing reporting on Day’s trip long before the Strib and has done thorough follow-up questioning some aspects of the Brunswick’s story.

The Strib should provide its readers with an explanation of what the update is.
Was it to correct an error in reporting … readers might like to know what was misstated. Was it to add information … that is common and readers might want to just read that part … if it was a major change, should it have been a follow-up / reaction story. Or was it to recycle the story to generate more attention to the issue and the Republican candidates?

Now to the issue itself.
First off, who says this is a top issue ? ”At the behest of an advocacy group”, tells me that it was not First District residents.
But this is an issue that Day has been pushing for awhile. On September 5th, Day told KEYC-TV ''I can assure you every place that I've went in the first district eight out of ten people when I sit down and say what's your biggest concern they say illegal immigration.”
WOW … 8 out of 10 !
Funny that makes the First District out of step with the rest of the country … and even Republicans. Fifty-two percent of Americans say the economy and health care are most important to them in choosing a president, compared with 34% who cite terrorism and social and moral issues, according yesterday’s Wall Street Journal . In a WSJ September 2007 survey of Republican voters, the question was asked : President Bush has proposed to allow foreigners who have jobs but are staying illegally in the United States to apply for legal, temporary-worker status. 30 % percent of the respondents strongly opposed that position (down slightly from the 32 % in March 2006) while 37% were somewhat favorable to Bush’s position (up from 32 %).
This is not an issue that even Republican can agree what the solution should be ! And does Day have a solution ?

Ask yourself these few questions.
During the past year have you meet an illegal immigrant and did they cause you any problem?
During the past year have you visited a doctor?
During the past year have you seen an increase in your health insurance expense?
Does the cost of gasoline and reduction in home values concern you?

I suspect that most First District residents would agree that health care and the economy are a greater concern than illegal immigration.
On a personal note, the monthly premium for my health insurance has increased $154.50 in one year (or $1854 in total) … and my spouse and I are in excellent health.
Health care should be the number 1 issue.
And before someone blames the rising health care costs on undocumented aliens, the University of California's School of Public Health researchers issued a study that determined “illegal Mexican immigrants had 1.6 fewer visits to doctors over the course of a year than people born in the country to Mexican immigrants. Other undocumented Latinos had 2.1 fewer physician visits than their U.S.-born counterparts.

It is disappointing that Dick Day and his fellow Republicans candidates are listening to advocacy groups and not the people that they wish to represent. It’s also disappointing that the media becomes part of the publicity machine changing focus from issues that truly need attention.

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First District Resident said...

If illegal immigration is not a top political issue in the First District, why are you, Ollie Ox and the Mankato Free Press so defensive about the issue? I suggest you people spend more time talking to real people in the first district and less time parroting talking points from and other radical groups.