Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How will TV and the Newspapers cover the next Terri Schiavo case ?

The Do-Nothing 109th Congress’s crowning achievement was the speed at which it passed S.686 - Terri Schiavo Incapacitated Protection bill . Initiated by the Senate on March 20, approved by the House on March 21 and signed into law by the President on March 21st. Easter recess – no problem – heck, even the President flew back from Crawford with pen in hand.

What S. 686 proves is that when Congress wants to act, it can.

But the impotence of Congress was on display yesterday.

Yesterday, the FCC changed the rules of that make it possible for owners of newspapers more leeway to buy radio and television stations. This was in direct contrast to the Senate’s advice as the Senate Commerce Committee has already unanimously approved legislation requiring Martin to defer action. Further, in a letter from 25 Senators asked the FCC to delay this decision.

Considering the bias in news reporting (you can decide who is more biased FOX, CBS, New York Times, etc.), the freedom of the press is curtailed when mandated by the owners’ political viewpoint. The next Schiavo case may be reported more consisently … using the same talking points.

How ironic it is that President Bush can get so vocal about judicial activism yet regulatory activism is barely discussed.

And that’s the Senate’s problem. Senator Dorgan (along with 22 co-sponsors) introduced S.2332 earlier this month … but getting it passed and getting the President to sign it at “Schiavo-speed” did not happen.
And do you really think that Bush would sign a bill that restricts what his regulatory agency wants to do ?

Many citizens will remember the Bush presidency for Iraq, yet we citizens will feel the effects of his regulatory rulings (FCC, SEC, FTC, FEC, EPA, etc.) for generations.

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