Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MN-01 : Davis Distortions in first cable ad

The television networks are running promos for their new Fall Season … but voters better be aware that everything shown on television is NOT reality programming. Take for instance the charade commercial offered by Republican endorsed candidate for the First District, Dr. Brian Davis.

Haven’t seen it yet ?
Oh, maybe because he’s not going after your demographics. The First District runs 280 miles across the southern tier of the state with 43.5% of the district classified as rural voters.
Maybe Dr. Davis is not aware but there is a digital divide between the urban/suburban haves and the rural have-nots. Telecommunications companies have failed to make the needed investments in rural infrastructure and technology. Carriers are able to claim subsidies from the Universal Service Fund, but do not have the requirement to offer broadband. As a result rural communities are falling behind in economic development opportunties, education and healthcare … but that is a subject for another commentary.

But even if you reside in Davis’ advertising target market – Rochester and Mankato --- unless you are “rich” like the reluctant millionaire doctor to afford cable, you may not still see the commercial.

Fortunately, the advertisement is available via You Tube ( Hat tip to Ollie at Bluestem Prairie.

Davis’ theme is the rising gas prices … and the screen shows the price starting at $2.95 then to $3.16 to $3.57 to $3.92 and finally finishing at $4.08. Obviously this is old film footage since gas has been about $3.60 for most of the month of August but we get his point – gas has increased. His words fail to mention any cause … like speculators (including one that was involved in the Iraq Oil-for-Food program), the war of words with Iran , the weakening dollar, etc.

No, to Dr. Davis the blame goes to the current Congressman – Tim Walz.

Next, the screen showcases a newspaper headline citing Davis support for drilling.
Be sure to look closely to notice that the paper is dated June 20, 2008.
Davis fails to mention that Congressman Walz cosponsored HR 6515 which is known as the DRILL Act and would have expedited the leasing of oil sites currently under US government control. That bill was defeated by the Republicans.

The Republicans would prefer Minority Leader John Boehner’s bill -- HR 6566 American Energy Act -- which was introduced on July 22 and currently has 127 co-sponsors. Despite what many assume that this is strictly a “Drill here, Drill now” bill, it has provisions that give the Administration until July 1, 2010 (plus the bill has provisions related to nuclear industries and other businesses.) Not exactly a quick fix and a bill that should not be passed without proper Committee hearings.

Davis fails to mention that Walz did not give up on domestic production after the Republicans defeated the DRILL Act. He worked with a bipartisan group of Representatives to introduce HR 6709 National Conservation, Environment, and Energy Independence Act . The legislation was introduced on July 31st and immediately, many Representatives became co-sponsors. Most interesting is the number of Republicans who originally co-sponsored Boehner’s bill and now have joined with Walz --- Representatives Aderholt, Bachmann, Barrett, Bartlett, Bishop, Boozman, Capito, Carter, Cole, Davis, Deal, Doolittle, Drake, Emerson, English, Fallin, Gingery, Gohmert, Goode, Kline, Knollenberg, Lucas, Manzullo, Marchant, McCarthy, Miller, Moran, Neugebauer, Pence, Pickering, Platts, Radanovich, Renzi, Rogers, Royce, Sali, Shimkus, Smith, Souder, Sullivan, Terry, Thornberry, Tiahrt, Turner, Upton, Wamp, Wilson, and Wolf ... that's 48 Republicans. In total the bi-partisan bill has 119 co-sponsors.
This bill should produce drilling opportunities quicker than Boehner’s and does not have the nuclear baggage that could cause a delay in getting Senate concurrence. Besides the drilling industry, it has provision affecting the renewable energy industry that has been waiting for the Senate to pass legislation. Overall a much better bill.

Davis’ ad also complains about Walz voting to go on “vacation”. While the August recess has been customary for Congress, Walz used the time last year to hold district listening sessions … although as I recall he did have one trip planned for outside the country … a fact-finding mission to the War Zone but that was cancelled due to the flooding in the Rushford. This year, Walz has hardly been on vacation … with regular meetings with his constituents.

Accepting his argument that Davis will “remove all barriers from drilling for our own oil”, does he realize that many of the companies that are doing the drilling in the Gulf are NOT American companies … but Australia, Brazil, Norway, Canada, etc operations ?
Does he realize that there are not enough drill rigs and personnel to actually do any more drilling today ?
Did he hear the results of last week’s Lease Sale in the Gulf which did not produce extensive bidding ?
Does he realize that the DOE says it will take a decade before that oil gets into the system and that there is no guarantee that the wells will be productive ?

Lastly, Does he think that all voters are as uninformed as he is ?

I will give him credit for one honest comment … he’s not a “career politician” … since he’s never held any elective public office.

Yes, TV may have offer a New Fall Season, but Davis is offering a Distorted Reality Show that voters will reject (if he succeeds in the Republican Primary Election.)


Ollie Ox said...

Nice write-up. I've heard from a couple of friends that Davis just comes off as a partisan creep.

Anonymous said...

I am lurker on your site but wanted to let you know that your posts are very thoughtful. You should be running instead of Davis.

Midwest Jay said...

Walz pretty much votes the way Pelosi tells him to. That means limited off shore drilling for about three eastern states, no nuclear, no investment in clean coal (wave goodbye to WV, Western PA and Eastern Ohio votes), tax give aways to crappy inefficient solar, no shale land leases and many other boodoggles like ethanol and turkey crap burning will get inserted. The problem is not soved. All of the above. The bill attributed to Walz is getting Repub cosponsors because they think it can get to the floor and then amendments would be added by Repubs, or it would get vetoed and not overriden.
Walz may nice. He may also be a MN Guardsman who spent some time in Salerno so the 83rd could go to Northern Iraq, but he is still a party hack in the lines of Oberstar, McCollum, and fill-in-the-blank liberal.
A good candidiate will toss him in the next up cycle for Repubs. Davis will come close this time.

Apollo said...

Great analysis as usual! It seems like Davis doesn't really realize much of anything when it comes to energy issues.