Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Who’s on McCain's Minnesota Team ? And Who’s Not ?

John McCain has just released his Team Minnesota.
During the Congressional campaign of 2006, I made issued a commentary noting that McCain was coming to the First District in behalf of Gil Gutknecht.
At that time, I noted a number of differences on major issues between McCain and Gutknecht.

So I am not surprised that Gutknecht is not on the Team … but Tony Cornish ? ? ?
Yep, Gun-Toting Tony is on McCain’s Leadership Team.
Wasn’t John McCain the author of the McCain-Lieberman gun-show bill, which would have given the federal government the administrative power to prohibit all gun shows, and to register everyone who attends a gun show? The Gun Owners of America gave McCain a rating of F- for his 2004 re-election campaign.

And what about McCain authoring the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill which affected that ability of the NRA and other groups to donate monies?

Other issues that I would like to hear Cornish’s assessment include :

Guest Workers & Amnesty for illegal immigrants
- McCain authored bill to approve

Same Sex Marriage Constitutional Amendment
- McCain opposed

2002 Farm Bill
- McCain opposed

I don't know who is moving on the issues -- McCain trying to appeal to the Republican Conservative base ... or Cornish selling out on his principles. Maybe Tony is angling for a spot in a McCain administration … as a 24-B constituent, I would be glad to see Tony go.

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