Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pelosi Gets Black Eye for Football

When Speaker Pelosi announced the end of the Speaker Hastert-ThreeDayWorkweek, some squawking came from Republicans that it was anti-family if they had to be available for votes from Monday evening until Friday afternoon.

Well, on Monday, when the House was not in session, Rush Limbaugh scoffed on his radio program that this was due to The Ohio State University versus The University of Florida football game to be played that evening. Quickly, Jay Leno included a zinger in his monologue Monday evening.

So Mouths-that-Roar will chastise the Democrats, but the Internet site Raw Story reported that the request was initiated to the Democratic Leadership by Rep. John Boehner, the Republican Minority Leader in the House of Representatives.
"Mr. Boehner made this request, and in the interest of comity, Democrats granted it," a senior Democratic aide stated.

Since Boehner is from Ohio that would not be a surprise that he may have some interest in the game.

A word of advice to Speaker Pelosi : Next time little Johnny wants to go to a football game, use your Mother-of-five voice and tell him that he is excused, but that the other 433 members must join her to work on the country’s problems. Also, watch your back, those Republicans may seek comity with you in person, but then let their lackeys attack.

An aside to any of you that do not know the outcome of the football game, to use President Bush's parlance ... “It was a thumping” … Congressman Boehner probably would have enjoyed negotiating a minimum wage bill with the Democrats better than watching that game.

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