Friday, October 06, 2006

REAL Challenger Supports Incumbents

It’s officially election time – the question is who will vote and who will not?

Apathy is the big advantage for incumbents. Why did Gil Gutknecht say that he doesn’t think the voters will fire him? Easy answer, he doesn’t think enough voters will show up to counter his base of uninformed, easily manipulated, repeat voters.

Respondents to poll questions may offer their opinion; but that does not mean that they will actually show up and vote.
In fact, polls increase apathy.
If a poll indicates his candidate will win, then the apathetic voter does not have an incentive to participate.
Case in point : voters in Mankato can thank the polling done before a referendum vote to authorize a local sales tax. Polls indicated that a majority did not approve of a local sales tax to construct and operate a community civic center; but they did not show up to vote. It passed due to an unprecedented increase of voter participation in one precinct. That precinct was largely composed of students at Minnesota State University-Mankato. The students were motivated as they thought the civic center would be big-time concert venue. A decade later and Mankatoans are still paying the sales tax while I cannot think of any tier-one or tier-two event that picked the Mankato venue over the Twin Cities facilities.

The weather on November 7th is unknown, but what is known is that there will be lines at the ballot box. The apathetic voter will use this as a rationale for not participating.

It’s an affront to democracy that the politicians use gerrymandering to create districts that protect the incumbents, unverifiable electronic voting machines, inadequately equipped precincts, and now enacting voter identification laws.

Now is the time to confront apathy.
Absentee ballots are now available.
Contact your county Board of Elections. Request an Absentee Ballot Request form via the mail or even better, go the Board of Elections and fill out your ballot.
If you are a student and new to the district, get registered and get an absentee ballot.
If you, or a friend, or family member, have problems getting to the polls, request an absentee ballot.

APATHY is the REAL Challenger.

Remember your opinion only counts, if you participate in the election process.

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