Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mark Kennedy Recycling the Gas Issue

Have you seen the third installment of the “Elect Mark Kennedy” commercials?

The first commercial was vintage Kennedy … get to know the family – all five generations … in fact, I think he has the same flannel shirts that were in the 2000 commercial … still clean and pressed.

The second commercial was Kennedy the Washington Outsider {in other words, don’t blame me for the spending in Washington} … a Republican when right but willing to cross party lines … {Democrats want to cosponsor Kennedy’s legislative ideas}.

Now, the current commercial – “Gas Pump”.
Essentially, Kennedy is recycling legislation that has languished in Congress. For example, his HR 4623 which was introduced on December 17, 2005 and referred to the Committee on Ways and Means that same day. It still sits there with no action … and FYI – Mark the Hypocrite Kennedy sits on the Ways and Means Committee. He also references HR 5302 which was introduced on May 4,2006 and assigned to committee on May 11. That bill has five cosponsors – all Republicans. { Remember on May 2nd, ExxonMobil announced its quarterly earnings and politicians leapt to denounce the oil industry. FYI – Kennedy has received over $50,000 from the Oil/Gas Industries. }
Kennedy has suggested suspending the gas tax with the idea that it will produce an immediate 18.4 cent per gallon savings for motorists {Sounds like election-year pandering that all drivers would financially appreciate, but with the deficit, why are we sacrificing collecting tax dollars?} And the always Hypocrite Kennedy said on the House floor on May 2,2006 “While much of this is the result of increasing demand generated by our growing economy and increased instability in Iran and other oil-producing countries, Congress has a duty to take action. Some in Congress like to play politics on this issue. The American people don't want cheap political games and stunts. They want and deserve solutions.”

Addressing America’s dependence on foreign oil is not new … we have known about this during all of Kennedy’s Congressional terms … but recycling legislation that the Republican controlled Congress has not embraced does not excite this voter … in fact, it shows no vision of the future … especially for someone that is looking at a six year term.

Likewise, Gil Gutknecht's Congressional inactive, but constantly being touted in his campaign speeches, 10/10 plan is ten years too late.

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